Massage Chair : Choose a brand that works for you

News 05:04 April 2024:

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Massage chairs, regardless of the brand generally have the same purpose. First and foremost, it gives relaxation. For the record, it never fails to provide feeling of being relaxed, be it temporal or for a long period of time. It also soothes pains, relieves tension, and not to mention the medical benefits.


Although they all have the same purpose, it is still important that a person chooses which brand really would define his needs. Considering massage chairs are not cheap, this is an investment where one needs to carefully consider several different aspects before getting one.


Here are some brand guides that would help narrow down choices, and would definitely help determine which one would be the best choice.


  1. iRobotics 6

This is known to be the very first robotic massage chair. Assembled and manufactured by Luraco Company, which is based in the US. Its exemplary features are based on innovation powered by technology.

Features includes Luraco total full body massage technology, zero gravity and enhanced technique for body stretching and smart self-diagnostic – all of which enhances relaxation.

This massage chair has robotic arms and has 104 airbags. It can also be adjusted depending on how long the legs are and also to the height of the shoulder.

There are six modes that iRobotics 6 is specially programmed for. It is programmed for deep tissue, night, morning, health care, Swedish, and Japanese. Depending on the person’s needs and preference the massage itself is customizable specific to different body parts.

The massage can be customized to your preference for individual body parts. From head to toe, this massage chair can definitely provide relaxation and pain relief.

Aside from different modes, this massage chair is also designed with different massage methods such as tap, vibrate, and knead.


  1. Shiatsu Massage Chair EC-69

This is an option for people who are looking for a good massage chair and at the same time is very particular with the cost. This budget-friendly massage chair provides calming and soothing effect through its robotic technology.

The chair can be converted to a reclining massage bed so one can enjoy shiatsu massage on the full body.

Massage methods are kneading and rolling and it specializes on helping the legs become more flexible.

It is also designed with vibrators and power rollers to be able to feel the effect on the whole body. The built in heating system adds to the relaxing feeling.

This massage chair can be operated easily through its attached remote control and the interface is very user-friendly.

This massage chair is available in burgundy, brown, and black colors.

  1. Osaki OS-4000

This massage chair provides solid performance through positions that are zero gravity. This means you can switch from angle to angle, and you can recline the chair, and still get the same effect of relaxation.

This massage chair works like a robot that can scan your entire body to see the curves and it makes its own adjustment out of it.

This massage chair offers six selections for massage modes such as circulation, relax, therapy, demo, and healthcare. At the same time, there are six method selections as well, which are knead, roll, shiatsu, Swedish, clap, and combo. You can also customize the level of intensity and the speed.

Osaki Os-4000 has 32 airbags that are strategically placed to make sure every area of the body is covered. There also an option for a squeezing massage on the neck, lower back heat therapy, and air massage for back, hips, and shoulders.

  1. iJoy-2580

This is known to be an amazing option if one is in search for a cheaper massage chair. It relieves pain, tension, fatigue and stress with its adaptation of Human Touch massage technique. It also provides great improvement on the blood circulation which in turn gives more relaxation. The massage technique that is used by professionals for spinal care is replicated in this massage chair.

iJoy-2580offers three massage strategies:

  1. Release Lower Back Massage – this is another fifteen minutes of massage to ease soreness of lower back.
  2. Refresh Back Massage – this is fifteen minutes of full back massage
  3. Relieve Neck and Shoulders Massage – this is fifteen minutes of massage to relieve tension on the upper back

With its adaptation of Human Touch technology, it feels like a massage from hands of human.

Massage methods to choose from are rolling, kneading, percussion, and compression. Settings can be programmed through its integrated control panel,

  1. Inada SognoDreamwave

This massage chair is known to be among the list of advanced massage chairs. It adapts the massage strategy of a Shiatsu professional massage therapist. Like what chiropractors do, it focuses on movements for mobilization of the back.

It has customizable massage methods, and eight integrated massage programs to choose from.

The robotic technology of SognoDreamwave scans the full body to identify its pressure points, and it is guaranteed to cover the full body with its coverage of one thousand two hundred square inches.

This is said to be one of the expensive massage chairs but is definitely be a good choice considering the quality of massage it provides.